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Replus Business helps companies to change the conventional view of business and market, from the management function, to one of strategic driver of value creation, which makes us distinguished from its competitors in that we provide extensive advice and services that ensure that products or services are promoted and marketed effectively whilst taking into account the differences between Chinese and British culture and regulations. 

For sold: CRO (Conversion rate optimization)

For Business: with better ROI (Return of Investment)

For sustainable development: CRM (Customer Relationship Management)


All for Industry 4.0!

Digital Marketing by Phase

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For Who is:

New to a market and need increasing brand awareness

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Already had some influence in the market, but need CRO or CRM

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Strategy for market expansion


Sustainable Development

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Our Services

Website Optimizations

Our Digital Marketing material has been developed with the support of top professionals from the latest Psychology and Neuromarketing techniques to Outperform your competitors. 

Increase the Conversion Rate of any of your marketing activity

  • User Experience

  • User Interface

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Website Design

Marketing Evaluation

Focus is on building powerful brands that align with the needs of downstream and end markets to attract and retain target customers.
Brand Strategic Positioning is a link between products and marketplace.

  • Media Buying

  • Event Marketing

  • Customer Relationship Management

Strategic Marketing Plan


Segmentation Module

Customers in different lifecycle stages have different needs, basically, customer lifecycle marketing is about providing customers with the greatest value at each stage of their relationship with the brand. Segmentation research can inform both target selection (in linking attitudinal and behavioral data) and messaging development, based on survey responses.

  • Customer engagement and conversion

  • Long-term retention and activities

  • User mining and communication

  • Retain users, instead of letting them lapse

Step 1: Know your customers

Establish the Customer Framework and Select Targets provides the platform for structuring the market and defining the opportunity, which include increased customer engagement, monetisation, retention and loyalty.

After analysis of customer and user, during this step, the role of supplier vs. buyer marketing is defined, which may include development of a quantified, segmentation fact base, to inform subsequent project steps.


Step 3: Messaging and Campaign Design

For high involvement products solution, technology and device purchases, multiple benefits may need to be communicated (in support of the positioning). A messaging framework that aligns individual messages (by message type) against target customer requirements significantly improves communication effectiveness. 

Marketing campaigns are organised, strategised efforts to promote a specific company goal, such as raising awareness of a new product or capturing customer feedback.


The framework should consider regulatory inputs and be multi-factorial, including multiple targets, touch points, channels and decision points (e.g., acquisition vs. retention), etc. 

Based messaging framework, typically, the campaigns aim to lead generation and customer acquisition in a short-term, via a variety of ways and involve a combination of media, including but not limited to email, print advertising, television or radio advertising, pay-per-click, and social media.

  • Marketing campaign plan and arrangement

  • Campaign Assessment and Marketing materials checking

  • Media Buying

  • Results tracking and evaluation

Step 2: Know your position

Define the value proposition establishes the hypothesized core offering, addressing both downstream and end market benefits. During this step, a value proposition is hypothesized to obtain customer and user feedback on the full set of downstream and end market benefits.

Create the Brand Positioning and Identity. The strongest mineral brands have at their centre a clear, succinct expression of their brand’s positioning, supported by a portfolio of products and messages that align with that positioning.


Combined needs of customer and features of product help to further marketing strategy, and precise product positioning, successful products reach their ultimate goal of unprompted user engagement, bringing users back repeatedly, without depending on costly advertising or aggressive messaging.

  • Research and collection of product demand and supply chain

  • Set up website, marketing channel and social media platform

  • User experience optimization

  • Marketing strategy plan and evaluation

Step 4: Communication Plan and Creative

If you’re seeking outside consulting service assistance, make sure your marketing consultant has the industry and functional expertise of non-metallic minerals to deliver deep market and customer insight. 


The prior steps is the brand digital transformation brief, which our marketing consultant develops in collaboration with the client team, to direct communication planning and creative implementation. 


The brief synthesizes important strategic decision inputs from prior steps (segmentation, targeting, positioning, messaging, etc.), as well as brand identity elements (logo/identity standards, look and feel, etc.) to ensure brand consistency over time. The brief often serves as an important transfer point with creative service providers (ad agency, web design firm, etc.).

  • Products' Internal flows, structure and market trade

  • Existing user personas and preference

  • Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Consumer insigne and marketing creative

Clients call us when they want to …

Obtain deep branding and digital marketing expertise

Grow their existing business through improved marketing and innovation

Free up the internal team for other pressing business objects

Integrate businesses and brands as a result of mergers, acquisitions and re-organizations

Enter new markets with existing products or services

Infuse fresh thinking, cross-industry perspective and objectivity

Why Replus Business?

Market-driven, customer-centric approach for improved strategic decision-making

Consultant skills encompass strategic consulting, business operations and digital marketing

Our work balances strategic marketing and practical application to build brands and grow businesses

Strong relationship with Liaoning magnesia industry

7-year track record of in-deep research about China's magnesia and refractory industry

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