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Our experienced project managers assign each project to the most suited translator, considering any special requirements, while observing the time-frames to ensure full customer satisfaction. 

The translators has 7-years working experience of refractory minerals, total translation words of industrial minerals' information exceed 120,000.

When one thinks of translation it simply occurs to one’s mind that translation is an effortless conversion of a simple document from one language to another. However, when industrial or technical information translations come into the picture, the entire scenario changes and becomes a different game altogether. A poorly done translation can be the root cause of various problems – for one’s business as well as for a customer. The facts will be distorted.


Report Translations

Industrial Minerals' reports translations require immense amounts of expertise and knowledge in a particular field. Failing such knowledge and attempting to translate a technical report may be the cause of various dangers. We are an expert company in all types of market, processing, industrial and technical translations. 

Project Documents

We provide project based documents translation service, which based on an international project or event, any relevant information should be include in our package. Such as, invitation, business or marketing plan, presentation and announcement, etc.

Web & Content

You are your website. How it looks and what it presents plays a significant role in driving traffic and generating leads. We can enhance your business growth by delivering consistent and localized translations.

Work Samples

Report Translation

The 2016 World Forecasts of Fused Magnesia, Dead-Burned (Sintered) Magnesia, and Magnesium Oxide Export Supplies

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