The 8th Liaoning (Anshan, Haicheng) International Magnesium Material (Talc) Exposition



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11th - 13th of September 2019 

The 8th Liaoning International Magnesium Material Exposition, China (hereinafter referred to as "The 8th CLIMME") was founded in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China since 2004, which has been held once every two years. The past CLIMMEs have been a great success, and all the trade negotiations are actively. Cumulative exhibitors are more than 1600, which include more than 80 foreign well-known enterprises to participate in the exhibition. The visitors are nearly 150,000 including 60,000 professionals and more than thousands of foreign businessmen. The CLIMME has covered a wide range of activities, such as exhibitions, trade, technical seminars and talent exchange, which is the important magnesium materials exposition for worldwide professional research, business trade and science and technology exchange.

The 8th CLIMME will be hosted on 11th -13th September 2019 at Zongjun Hotel in Haicheng, Liaoning Province. There will be many national and international well-known magnesium materials and talc industry enterprises come and attend the Expo in Haicheng, which will show the recent achievements of Magnesium and Talc industry in Haicheng, especially in the new materials. Meanwhile, the international High-end Talent Forum about the magnesium and talc in Liaoning will be organized that will include the release of new achievements. Besides, the representatives from different government departments, experts, entrepreneurs and delegates will exchange information with each other, and visit manufactories, attend the announcements of investment by the local government, etc., in order to discuss the development plans of magnesia material industry, talc industry and related industries.

The 8th Liaoning (Anshan, Haicheng) International Magnesium Material (Talc) Exposition


Here, we sincerely invite domestic and foreign magnesium companies, experts, related industries, upstream and downstream producers to attend and visit in the exhibition!

Venue: Zongjun Hotel, Haicheng City, Liaoning Province (No. 88 Yasheng Road, Haicheng City, Liaoning Province, China)

Dates: 11th -13th September 2019

Estimated Count: 500 Visitors
                       150 Exhibitors

Relevant Industry: Magnesium, Magnesia and Talc

Visitor Entry: By Invitation only

•    Domestic and International magnesium products (including all kinds of magnesium refractory raw materials and alkaline refractory products);
•    Magnesium building materials, magnesium chemical, magnesium metal products;
•    Research achievements of magnesium materials industry;
•    Various types of raw materials, binders, additives, processing equipment, dust treatment, advanced kiln technology and environmental protection equipment, such as upstream products in magnesium industry;
•    Related product quality control, testing and other equipment;
•    Talc products and technology and related equipment.

Organising Units:

Liaoning Province National New Raw Material Base Construction Engineering Centre
Liaoning Special Resources Industry Development Centre
Anshan Municipal People's Government
China Refractories Industry Associatio

Supporting Units:

Liaoning Province Industry and Information Technology Department


China non-metallic mineral industry Association
China magnesite Industry Association
China Nonferrous Metals Association
China Inorganic Salt Industry Association
China Chemical Society inorganic acid and alkali Salt Professional Committee
China Minmetals Chemical Import and Export Association
Liaoning University of Science and Technology
Shenyang University of Technology 
Shenyang Chemical University
Henan refractory industry associations
Shandong Refractory Industry Association
Zhejiang Refractory Industry Association
Shanxi Refractory Industry Association
Guizhou Refractory Industry Association
Hebei Refractory Industry Association
Hunan Refractory Industry Association
UK IMFORMED Industrial Mineral Forums & Research Lt


Haicheng Municipal Committee
Haicheng People's Government
Liaoning Nonmetallic Mine Industry Associatio


Overseas Organiser:

Replus Business (UK) Ltd.

10th Sep 2019


All day

Location: Hotel lobby on the 1st floor

11th Sep 2019

Industrial Forum


Location: Magnesium Industry Forum: 4 floor Zong Jun Hall; talc Industry Forum: 4 Floor Conference Room 1

12th Sep 2019

Technology Exchange and investment attraction


Location: the Zong Jun Hall corridor on the 4 floor

13th Sep 2019

Visit the Manufacture


Location: Visit Haicheng Magnesium and talc Key Enterprises


11th - 12th Sep 2019 All Day

Registration Fee: 
RMB 1500 | £150 per person (the organisers will arrange the meal together, and you have to pay the accommodation costs by yourself). 

There will be a 20% off discount for all kind of services if you’ve booked before 1st August 2019.

Please fill the registration form out and return it back to The deadline for registration is 20th August 2019.

Confirmed speakers

“Present situation and sustainable development of Magnesite Industry in Liaoning Province"

Guangqi Han/ Liaoning Special Resources Industry Development Center

“Optimising and Upgrading Development of Steel Production Capacity in Coastal Areas"

Tingshou Li / China Iron and Steel Association Science and Technology Development Center

“Innovation Driving and Optimizing Upgrading of Refractories"

Hongxia Li / President / Sinosteel Luoyang Institute of Refractories Research Co., Ltd.

Current Situation and Consideration of Overseas Refractory Companies"

Jizeng Zhao / CEO / Beijing Lier

“The improvement of Technological progress of steel industry and its impact on refractory industry"

“Application and Technical Progress of Alkaline Refractories in Japan"

Jingkun Yu/ Northeast University

Xueda Wang/ President Nakamura / Japan SHINAGAWA Company

“China Refractories Industry in Structural Optimisation"

“Technical Progress of Refractories for Nonferrous Metallurgical Industry in China"

Dianli Xu/ China Refractories Industry Association

Yong Li/ Beijing University of Science and Technology

“Magnesium and Refractories"

Lin Yuan/ China Building Materials Institute

“Current Situation and Development of Magnesium Building Material Industry"

Wanli Bi/ Liaoning University of Science and Technology

“Technical Progress and Development of Magnesium Chemical Industry"

Guosheng Wang/ Liaoning University of Chemical Technology

“Liaoning Magnesite industrial kiln and its environmental protection status"

Gao Yin/ ACRE Coking & Refractory Engineering Consulting Corporation, MCC

“Foreign Demand for Magnesia in China and Production Situation of Magnesia in Foreign Countries"

“Current Situation of Refractories Industry in Thailand"

Michael John O’Driscoll/ Director/ The UK IMFORMED industrial Mineral Forums& Research Ltd


“Bidding Process of Refractories in Baosteel Group"

Maohua Jiang/ Baosteel Group

At the same time, the Talc Industry Summit Forum was held, and there are 5-7 national and international experts will give the presentation in the Expo.

*Subject to change...

Exhibition Map

Exhibition Map

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