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Since our establishment in the UK, our goal is to provide unique contracted supply in the Market between the UK and China. Like our logo, two arrows overlapped inwards with one--colour Red and another--colour Navy Blue, was designed and created in London. The Red indicates the Chinese Red for the purpose of representing Chinese markets and the Navy Blue it stands for conventional British markets, and the white gap between is our company, Replus Business (UK) Ltd. Importantly, language and culture support is our unique advantage for the progress of our business to grow steadily over time. This is also the original idea about the creation of Replus Business (UK) Ltd.



Replus Business (UK) Limited was established in 2013.

Since that time, the business, which was launched to sourcing home wares and market information, has flourished alongside the development of information industry.

We help companies to change the conventional view of Chinese market, from the management function, to one of strategic driver of value creation.

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