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CLIMME 2021: The 9th China Liaoning (Dashiqiao, Yingkou) International Magnesia Materials Exposition

Following the success of the 8th CLIMME in 2019, Replus Business is delighted to be the co-organiser of CLIMME again in 2021 - Co-organiser of ‘The 9th China Liaoning (Dashiqiao, Yingkou) International Magnesia Materials Exposition’.

The China Liaoning International Magnesia Materials Exposition (short for CLIMME) is held every two years. The 9th CLIMME will take place between 23rd and 25th September 2021 in Dashiqiao, Yingkou city, which will ensure all the latest dynamic market trends and magnesia industry development in China will be covered.

To Improve the consolidation of magnesia industry, and increasing vertical integration supply of magnesia materials and accelerate the development and deployment of ‘green’ processes and production, the 9th CLIMME will provide a network platform for international communication, trade and cooperation, which will also support the commercialisation of industrial achievements. Meanwhile, the 9th CLIMME will also be a 360° panorama of how the Chinese magnesia industry can emerge stronger by transformation and upgrading to green and low-carbon development.

The 9th CLIMME will be essential to all those active or with an interest in the magnesia mineral supply chain, from developing and mining sources (especially for magnesite), through logistics and processing, to end use applications.

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The 9th China Liaoning (Dashiqiao, Yingkou) International Magnesia Materials Exposition 2021


Liaoning Province National New Raw Material Base Construction Engineering Centre

Supporting unit:


CPC Dashiqiao Municipal Committee

Liaoning Special Resources Industry Development Centre

Liaoning Province Non-Metallic Mineral Industry Association


China Inorganic Salt Industry Association

The COVID-19 may cause inconvenience for international participants. No worries, Replus Business will always be here to support and help, we will let you know everything about The 9th CLIMME.

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