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Replus Business is a professional China Magnesia intelligence to deal with B2B information requirements, from pricing and data to market research and analysis. We support clients from knowledge to activities in order to match all needs.

Intelligence of China magnesium industry and market is our No.1 business, founded by Shiying Jia who bring together over 7 years’ experience in the magnesia markets. She also had a chance to join Liaoning Province Non-metallic Mineral Industry Association in 2015, to produce news and reports about refractory industry, mainly analyse the upstream and downstream market trend of China magnesia, specialising in Liaoning province.

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Chinese Magnesia Industry in Liaoning Province: Highlight of High-performance manufacturers

China’s magnesia enterprises in Liaoning province, a major production hub, get along with the comprehensive management, such as policies of environmental protection and government environmental inspection, as well as the outbreak of the coronavirus in recently, the whole industry and market continued to face challenges.

It is the time to realise the important of how to revolution, changing of supply chain, from the biggest supplier only model transform to high-performance manufacturers.

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Report of China's Graphite


Custom report ordered by an industrial research company to get in-deep review and market insight of China's graphite industry, which include features of graphite industry, supply and demand analysis, policies and investment strategy and consumption of downstream.​


Mind map review of market information from internal databases about agreed outline, and from government and online sources collect latest information to build up framework. Presenting the framework and objectives via online meeting. Market research and interview the companies in China in order to get the first hand data. Analysis of all internal and external information and data to match the needs of agreed framework. Preparing the work schedule of report and share to line manager and client.

Report has been delivered on time, and all contents are meet the requirement and achieved agreed outline accurately. Client is really satisfied with our service and processing as well as the precise schedule execution. 



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