2021 New Raw Material Development in Liaoning Province - Summary & Industrial Map

Future raw materials development in Liaoning Province, China

City plan of new raw material industry in Liaoning province, China, the magnesia-producing hub in China.

The 2021 Industrial map is based on the analysis of the “Implementation plan for the construction of the national new raw material base framework” in 2018 (Liaoning Committee Office (2018) No. 10 ), by following the guidance of Made in China 2025 (based on 'The 14th Five-Year Plan’ (14th FYP)), issued by Liaoning provincial government, which involved the development plan of new raw material in Liaoning province based on the development framework from the engineering centre of national new raw material base construction of Liaoning province.

Our latest map summarised the new raw material industrial plan in different cities within Liaoning province.

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The Inside View

Table of Contents

1. Introduction - China & Liaoning

2. Background - Future raw material

Under Political Economy

3. Summary - Raw material industry in Liaoning

4. Map for the new raw material industry in Liaoning, China

*Liaoning magnesia industry map

'Future Industrial raw materials development in Liaoning Province, China'

Made in China 2025 seeks to engineer a shift for China from being a low-end manufacturer to becoming a high-end producer of goods. The goal is to tap into China’s increasingly wealthy home consumer base as well as the value-added global sourcing segment.

The ‘2021 Industrial Map for the New Raw Material Industry in Liaoning Province’ focuses on the development plan of new raw materials, based on the advantages of geography and natural minerals, to build China’s new raw material base.


The industry will rely on the traditional infrastructure, upgrading the facilities to modern industrial clusters, which will boost the development of the industrial revolution and increase the resilience against the uncertain and risks in the future.

The new plan has clarified the market position of Liaoning’s raw material and the change of supply chain by mapping the industrial special layout. The plan also listed the distribution of major industries, key industrial parks, major enterprises and the product categories in Liaoning province, in order to promote the investment and gather the different related sectors working closely from upstream to end market.


The map will also guide the development of raw materials to achieve dislocation competition and high-performance development in the entire industry.

China has dominated world raw materials supply for decades. The production of magnesia and magnesium compounds, in China, is focused in Liaoning province. 

With the promotion and improvement of supply-side structural reform (SSSR), the raw material industry will be shifted from quantity measure to quality control, and the entire industry will be integrated to the international level.

The Liaoning province will be the new raw material hub, hosting major raw materials in China.

The best example of China's supply-side structural reform is the steel industry, which is also the main usage of magnesia refractory and takes up 70% of consumption. In order to implement the government plan for the consolidation of the steel industry and deal with climate push, there are more than 60 shaft furnaces will be shut down in China.

After the merger and acquisition of Baowu group, China's other two major steelmakers (both of them within Liaoning province), Ansteel Group and Benxi Iron & Steel Group (Bensteel) signed a deal on Friday 20th of August 2021 to kick off their merger and restructuring that will create the world's third-largest steelmaker.

There is no growth in steel demand is expected in 2022, for domestic, because government action to push for a transition away from the real estate-dependent growth model is likely to continue. 

  • Raw material industry in Liaoning Province, China

  • New raw material base of China

  • Priority Advanced materials

  • The framework is mapping the advanced materials in different cities within Liaoning Province

  • China raw material data hosted department - The Engineering Centre of National New Raw Material Base Construction of Liaoning Province

  • R&D features of Liaoning province

  • Political principles of new raw material industry

  • Political updating and changing in China's new raw materials


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