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Replus Business helps British and Chinese businesses and organisations work together in China and the UK. We help companies to change the conventional view of Chinese market, from the management function, to one of strategic driver of value creation.

ReplusBiz is distinguished from its competitors in that we provide extensive advice and services that ensure that products or services are promoted and marketed effectively whilst taking into account the differences between Chinese and British culture and regulations.

As we hope you will see from browsing the rest of our site, whatever aspect of doing business with China your require assistance with, ReplusBiz can help.

Our company is unique in our capacity to organise business or project between the UK and China, and provide invaluable advice about how to succeed within the Chinese market -- our competitors are only able to do one or the other. 

We are also distinct in that, unlike some other sources of advice that consider international trade in more general terms, we specialise in doing business between just two countries – China and the UK.

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Business Diagnostic

Many of ReplusBiz’s work begin with a diagnostic to help understand the Current Situation, and to identify the opportunities of Business in China, which including the local market and culture cognition, risk mitigation opportunities, opportunities to improve the way of get into the local market, etc. 

The ReplusBiz diagnostic normally involves a mixture of data analysis and interviews, as well as the expert observation and vision by understanding the current situation.


Consulting and

Depending on the results of diagnostic, we will arrange meeting with clients to explain what we got, and give you our advise and possible solutions.

After that, we are able to achieve our clients’ objectives by drawing upon our well-established selling system. System is important, combining technologies updating, performance control and cost budget can make business effectively.


operation and Transformation

Therefore, whether clients are looking to build their brand from scratch, or develop it for the Chinese market, our knowledge, experience, and philosophy of long-term commitment to those we work with will maximise your enterprise’s chances for international success.   

The objective of a Transformation is to create a measurable step-change in business. ReplusBiz Transformation changes the way a business (or project) thinks about selling products and services, in essence, we redefined the role of trade from ‘traditional’ to ‘modern’.

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