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Our business philosophy is based upon responding to the changing needs of our clients

Magnesite + Magnesia + Magnesium = 3Mag+

RBCM Research is an independent and innovative market research consultancy specialising in magnesite, the magnesia refractory materials and steel sectors. Focus on China's markets, including demand and supply, pricing, economic environment and policy analysis.

We offer various content solutions and consulting services to support business and market research projects.

We are providing trusted pricing and magnesia refractory related content and insights based on transparent and auditable methodologies, which support interested parties with a clear picture of the markets and the supply chain. 

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New Industrial Map

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2021 New Raw Material Development in Liaoning Province - Summary & Industrial Map

Future raw materials development in Liaoning Province, China


Shiying is the director and owner of Replus Business (UK) Ltd. who has completed her MBA marketing at Bangor University.

Replus Business is a project-based company, composed of Magnesia Research and richukcoins®. Our business philosophy is based on responding to the changing needs of our clients.

Shiying is also the Director of Magnesia Research, specialising in market research, analysis and consulting across the Chinese magnesite, magnesia and steel industry. Focus on the research about related economic policies and dynamic market changes.

Her entrepreneur journey commenced in May 2013, to trade as an international buyer and source goods between China and UK. After that, Shiying cooperated with Liaoning Province Non-metallic Mineral Industry Association since 2015, to work with senior clients and support China magnesia and refractory suppliers via market research and consulting services, as well as provide content marketing solutions.

Since 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic banned all international travel, Shiying, bringing together an 8 years wealth of international magnesia knowledge, creating her own blog channel - China MagTalk - on the Replus Business website, to be an independent researcher and consultant.

She is a fast learner, able to employ a curriculum of training resources to learn, reinforce and apply knowledge to projects.

She has possessed an advantageous professional network and had chances to practice the skills of inbound and content marketing, communication skills, research and analytical skill, problem-solving ability combined with strong interpersonal and international teamwork skills.

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Independent market research and consulting services and focus on the magnesia refractory industry with strategic solutions. 

​Our over 8 years of magnesia research experience allowed us to support your business with knowledge and informative research.


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This presentation is a brief analysis of the influence of supply-side structural reforms and the energy crisis for the magnesia industry.

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