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Since our establishment in the UK, our goal is to provide unique business link between the UK and China's market. Like our logo, two arrows overlapped inwards with one--colour Red and another--colour Navy Blue, was designed and created in London. The Red indicates the Chinese Red for the purpose of representing Chinese markets and the Navy Blue it stands for conventional British markets, and the white gap between is us - Replus Business (UK) Ltd.

Replus Business is a project-based company, composed of Magnesia Research and richukcoins®. Our business philosophy is based on responding to the changing needs of our clients.


8-year in-depth studies of China's Magnesia Market

Native Understanding language & culture


Head office based in the UK

Coin dealer of modern British coins!


Deal with everything before and after marketing 

Small team with effective teamwork

A trading division of Replus Business (UK) Ltd.

Coin dealer, with research and consulting service of UK's Circulating Coin Mintage for collectors and stakeholders.

We are keen on modern British coins especially the Isle of Man modern coin.

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